About Us

We are About being the most reliable and entertaining DJ service. My wife Linda and I have an outstanding reputation as master of ceremonies. I have 30+ years experience in the music industry including a radio station DJ, drummer-percussion performer, producer and event planner of corporate events and festivals for such groups as Little Richard, the Beach Boys, James Brown, and many private functions – parties for weddings, resorts, art shows and business retreats.

In planning your event; the music should be stress free, full of great choices, choreographed to the time in the event and memorable. The playlist is very important.  Our goal is to help you in achieving a “Rhythm” or “flow” of events.   You can give us your choices and we can recommend music choices to you.

We are About using the most technological sound and lighting systems. We are able to set up multiple sound systems for your event. Pleasing the eye and the ears.

We are also About  ‘Fashion’ and ‘Art’  We will constantly update WeddingRhythms with wardrobe fashions from us and encourage you to send “Your” ‘Fashion’ pictures by way of Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram.

And, we are About creating a lasting event with our videotaping and editing services.  Our company has one of the best videographers in the business. With 30 years in editing, producing and filming; we have the resources to film, edit and deliver a professional product for you.

We will even customize and give you a free CD of many of your music choices from the event. Helping you decide the music choices is important. We want you to have a complimentary CD to help you remember the moments of your event.

Ernest F. Rogers is a musician, artist and event planner of 30+ years.   He has a BA in Art and is a member of the Art Development Council of Georgia, the Madison Art Guild and the Greensboro Art Alliance. His DJ / performing credits include:

  • The Ritz Carlton Lake Oconee.
  • The Fox Theatre Atlanta Georgia.
  • Del Webb Lake Oconee.
  • The Georgia Mayor’s Conference.
  • The Juneteenth Celebration.
  • The Steffen Thomas Museum
  • The Macon Cherry Blossom Festival.
  • The Peach Festival.
  • Community Celebration in Sparta, Ga.
  • Town 220 in Madison, Ga.
  • And many weddings, private functions, fundraisers and parties.